Anthony De Ieso

Director & General Manager
Thorndon Park Produce

Anthony De Ieso of Thorndon Park Produce is a South Australian bunch line producer. Thorndon Park Produce grows spring onions, radish, parsley and other herbs, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot and kale in the Northern Adelaide Plains and spans four generations of De Ieso family: Luigi, Salvatore, Danny, Chris and Anthony.

Anthony was involved in a Soil Wealth ICP demonstration site trial to showcase how the use of compost in commercial vegetable production can improve soil health, reduce the effect of saline irrigation water and decrease the use of inputs. Thorndon Park Produce has since expanded its use of compost, trialling pelletised compost and biological products, and facilitated resources for vegetable growers in the Adelaide Plains to better manage salinity issues.

Speaker Session: Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar

June 05, 2023

Looking forward, looking back: Lessons learnt and what's ahead for Soil Wealth ICP Phase 3

Riverbank Rooms 3 - 4

1210 - 1240