Peter Wadewitz

Founder & Managing Director
Peats Soil & Garden Supplies

Peter Wadewitz is the founder and managing director of Peats Soil & Garden Supplies. Peter has dedicated the last 45 years to supplying compost, mulches and recycled organic resources to the horticulture, landscape and garden supplies industries in South Australia, interstate and overseas.

Peats Soil & Garden Supplies is a member of the Soil Wealth ICP Partnership Network and supplied compost to the project's demonstration site trial at Thorndon Park Produce in South Australia. For Peter, it all starts with talking to growers about healthy soils, building organic matter and strengthening soil structure to produce a better crop.

Speaker Session: Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar

June 05, 2023

Looking forward, looking back: Lessons learnt and what's ahead for Soil Wealth ICP Phase 3

Riverbank Rooms 3 - 4

1210 - 1240