Tim Gentle

Wednesday 26 June
Over the Horizon | 0910 – 0940
Immersive Technologies in Horticulture

Immersive Technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are no longer gimmicky and fictional, rather these innovative technologies provide the latest way we can communicate with our team, customers and stakeholders. Improve efficiencies, increase productivity, tell your story, train your staff and create a point of difference for your marketing are all types of outcomes made possible through VR & AR. Think Digital’s FarmVR and FarmAR platforms focuses on Immersive technologies for agriculture, designed to educate people where their food comes from and encourage them to consider a career in agriculture. We also create immersive experiences for an array of clients to help them to grow their business. My presentation is designed to showcase these technologies, teach you a few DIY tricks and help guide you to consider integrating these exciting technologies into your business.