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Alice Zaslavsky

Cookbook author and Broadcaster

Alice Zaslavsky is a cookbook author and broadcaster bringing good food to people of all ages. Her vegetable bible In Praise of Veg topped the Australian cookbook charts, proving that you can, in fact, make friends with salad. As a regular face and voice on ABC News Breakfast and ABC radio nationally, Alice brings audaciously accessible recipes and useful tidbits to viewers and listeners that helps drive the country’s conversations around food.

Alice is also the creative force behind Nomcast and Phenomenom (with an M!), a Hort Innovation funded project, redefining what it means to teach kids about fresh produce and bringing food into every subject – both in the classroom and at home.

Speaker Sessions

June 09, 2021

What consumes the consumer and how to help boost consumption and connection with the industry

Meeting Room M3 & M4

1505 – 1530