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Brei Montgomery

Head of International Trade
Hort Innovation

As the Head of International Trade at Hort Innovation, I focus on building Australian horticultural industries' profile and positive reputation to advance global markets, including incorporating strategic agility into planning in an increasingly virtual world. My career to date has taken me around Australia and overseas, developing connections and sharing stories to create sustainable strategic relationships, inclusive collaborations and innovative, robust international supply chains.

I believe that international trade builds resilient, transformative, leading businesses, which flow on to support communities, countries and significant global knowledge, understanding and connectivity. I am focused on helping industries and organisations achieve sustainable growth and build international expansion through strategic development, research, education, collaborative partnerships, innovation, and new markets.

Speaker Sessions

June 08, 2022

Growing and Farming: Growing Australian Horticulture through innovation and sustainability

Meeting Room M1 & M2

1400 - 1440