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Kathryn Young

R&D Manager - NRM and Emerging Technologies
Hort Innovation

Kathryn is the R&D Manager for Horticulture Innovation’s Natural Resource and Emerging Technology portfolios. Kathryn has been involved with the horticulture industry for nearly 20 years and is passionate about delivering sustainable outcomes to meet industry’s R&D needs through engagement and collaboration. Kathryn’s focus is on supporting research and development investments to manage, sustain and regenerate the natural resources of the horticulture industry, including for soil, water, carbon and waste. Kathryn also manages projects that drive innovation across industries through the investigation and development of emerging technologies to improve productivity and competitiveness. Examples of this work includes Multi-scale Monitoring Tools for Managing Australian Tree Crops: Phase 2 and Pathway to carbon neutral whole orchard recycling in almond orchards.

Speaker Sessions

June 08, 2022

Growing and Farming: Growing Australian Horticulture through innovation and sustainability

Meeting Room M1 & M2

1400 - 1440