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Shane Quinn

National Sales Manager
Mulgowie Farming Company

Shane Quinn has extensive experience in the fresh produce sector. He spent his early career in Ireland and the United Kingdom as a retail buyer before moving to Australia, where he has worked building high-quality value chains in table grapes, bananas, mangoes and avocados.

Shane’s currently the National Sales Manager at Mulgowie Farming Company. He supports Mulgowie’s journey in building healthy soils and growing healthy plants to nourish the nation. Mulgowie’s sustainable farming approach demonstrates that working with nature can contribute to business resilience and sequestering carbon while generating credits. This is in conjunction with growing nutritious high-value food for all Australians to enjoy.

Speaker Sessions

June 08, 2022

Plenary 2: Why farmers will be the central bankers of the 21st century

Great Hall

1000 - 1030