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Tony Hunter

Global Food Futurist
Future Cubed

Tony Hunter is a Global Food Futurist Speaker, Food Scientist, author and strategic foresight consultant specialising in the Future of Food. His Big Idea is that food is now technology and technology advances exponentially. Food is now TECHXponentialâ„¢.

As an acknowledged expert on the Future of Food he speaks globally at international conferences in person and virtually on the technologies and trends that are shaping the rapidly changing food sector. He provides expert and strategic foresight advice on new food technologies and their industry impacts to global food companies from PepsiCo to KFC. He also advises VC investors and top four global consulting companies such as Accenture on these topics.

His distinctive combination of scientific qualifications, business experience and detailed understanding of food technologies allow him to deliver a unique perspective on the Future of Food.

Speaker Sessions

June 08, 2022

Growing and Farming: Growing Australian Horticulture through innovation and sustainability

Meeting Room M1 & M2

1400 - 1440