Andrew Inglis

Cellysis Pty Ltd

Andrew Inglis is an industrial R&D food scientist with mechanical engineering, process development and research experience, commissioning his first Food Safety process in 1991. In 1995, he held core IP for Vapor (true gas) Phase Food Safety. In 2001, CSIRO validated his 6-log Listeria reduction process with acetic acid gas only. In 2019, he held IP for mixing acid and oxidant gases. In Jan 2021, Andrew commissioned the first acid/oxidant gas pilot plant for perishable foods. He also processed numerous fresh produce.

Speaker Session

June 04, 2024

Trade Show (Cultivation Corner) Speaker Session 9: Advanced Gas Phase Food Safety and Shelf-Life Extension, Development and Case Studies

Expo Halls 14-20 (Cultivation Corner)

1350 - 1410