Brooke Hansom OLY OAM

Chief Motivation Officer,
Lane 6 Australia Pty Ltd

Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist empowers people to live a purpose driven life, motivating individuals and inspiring organisations to achieve greatness. As a professional motivational keynote speaker, she has been transforming lives through energy management, mindfulness, and motivation, taking the importance of energy health performance to new levels.

The swimming star remains one of Australia's most recognised Olympians. Brooke Hanson is a vibrant high energy presenter she loves sharing her story and keys to Energy Health performance and leadership success by encouraging self-belief, accountability and finding purpose through positivity.

Her bubbly personality, authentic delivery and natural stage presence has been pleasantly received at the many events she’s presented at. Brooke has become a source of inspiration to many people through her story of resilience, determination and her positive outlook after much heartache is motivating.

Speaker Session

June 04, 2024

Women in Horticulture: TBC

Meeting Rooms 219-220

1340 - 1450