David Williams

PolyNovo Limited, RMA Global Limited and Inoviq Limited

David is one of Australia’s best known Investment Bankers who specialises Agriculture, Food and Beverages.

Hi PhD research at the University of Sydney was on the “Capital structure of co-operatives.” So when he went into Investment Banking in 1984, the first job he worked on the merger of SPC and Armona. He recently sold SPC for Coca Cola Amatil.

In the last 40 years, he has advised many of our biggest food companies including famously bringing back Vegemite to Australia.

He sees value where others do not and is prepared to back himself and bought Tassal out of Receivership for $43m and recently acted for Cooke Aquaculture to buy it for $1.7b.

He is also Chairman of ASX Listed Companies, PolyNovo Limited, RMA Global Limited and Inoviq Limited.

Speaker Session

June 05, 2024

Plenary Session 5: Business Models for Long Term Commercial Horticulture Viability

Plenary 2

1120 - 1150