Francesco Oliveri

Chief Information Officer,
Perfection Fresh Group

Francesco Oliveri is a technology executive with 20 years of experience in the fresh produce industry, leading digital transformation and strategy. He has held leadership roles in the wholesale and distribution sectors in Europe and Australia, focusing on technology management, continuous improvement, and strategic initiatives.

Since 2005, Francesco has driven innovation and advanced supply chain integrations and traceability projects for the Perfection Fresh Group. He has a proven track record in ERP implementations and fresh supply chain integrations, making him a trusted industry voice. His approach combines industry knowledge with analytics tools, enabling the company to harness data's full potential.

Francesco also serves as an Advisory Board member of Agricultural Robotics and Co-Chair of the GS1 2D In Retail Advisory Group, further contributing to industry advancements.

Speaker Session

June 04, 2024

Trade Show (Cultivation Corner) Speaker Session 12: How Technology is Changing the Fresh Produce Industry Panel

Expo Halls 14-20 (Cultivation Corner)

1450 - 1530