Nathan MacPhee

IIF (Invest Inya Farmer)

Nathan MacPhee is the founder of IIF (Invest Inya Farmer), and a former financial services CEO who loves solving problems other people don’t see.

During his twenty years in the finance sector in Australia and abroad, Nathan transformed the value of the companies he led by refusing to accept the status quo. “But why?” became his catchcry, and he was a CEO before he was 30.

A tree change to country Victoria in 2018 gave Nathan a new appreciation for agriculture - and a new problem to solve. He saw firsthand the divide between the farmers who produce our food and everyone who consumes it. He wanted to find a way to ease the financial burden on farmers, and give consumers an opportunity to invest directly in what they eat. So he founded IIF, a world-first smartphone app that allows anyone to back a farmer and make money doing it.

Speaker Session

June 04, 2024

Trade Show (Plant Pavilion) Speaker Session 4: Empowering Consumer Capital in Agriculture - Sharing the Risk, Sharing the Reward, Sharing the Stories

Expo Halls 14-20 (Plant Pavilion)

1050 - 1110