Danny Thornton

General Manager,
Agreva & Sustainable Farming Solutions

Danny has a strong technical and operational foundation in citriculture with Mildura Fruit Company. Previous experience in postharvest management and regional business management with Muir Group company E.E Muir and Sons for 15 years.

A passion for sustainable agriculture, Danny developed Agreva Sustainable Agriculture as a preeminent sustainable product company for Australasian Agricultural, leveraging expertise from the EU, USA and Asia. More recently Danny has also assumed the GM position for WA based Sustainable Farming Solutions (SFS) whom over many years have developed a strong sustainable product portfolio for ANZ broadacre and horticulture.

Speaker Session

June 03, 2024

Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar Session 4: Sustainable Agriculture - Developing Bio-Synthetic Innovation

Meeting Room 219

1230 - 1300