Tom McCue

R&D Manager Production,
Hort Innovation

Tom McCue, R&D Manager Production at Hort Innovation, is leading efforts to accelerate access and adoption of transformational technologies in horticulture. With over 24 years in agricultural research and works in three RDCs, Tom specialises in driving the adoption of emerging technologies to revolutionise farm production. At Hort Innovation, he spearheads initiatives to position Australia as a global leader in efficient horticultural production by driving the adoption of innovative technologies. Tom's work focuses on enhancing access to and accelerating the adoption of transformational technologies, fostering resilience and driving innovation across the industry.

Speaker Session

June 04, 2024

Trade Show (Plant Pavilion) Speaker Session 1: Agtech Innovation – Transforming Horticulture for Global Growth

Expo Halls 14-20 (Plant Pavilion)

0930 - 0950